About US

Who we are

Gunaatita is the centre of excellence where we create custom enterprise systems, business solutions and do web-based development for clients across the world. As a software consultancy we help our customers navigate the technical complexity in an order to solve their business problem and let the ideas evolve as a driver of their growth. We are a world class team of innovative engineers, geek designers and marvellous architects from top institutes with a decade strong proved technological expertise.

What we Do

A global company in the software arena and web design development, extensively meeting the demands of creating complex & mission critical enterprise software for small, medium & enterprise customers. We have state of the art facility located in national capital region of India where we have constantly built our successes on understanding and meeting the needs of customers while getting aligned with their business strategy. Most of our services, development and support are facilitated centrally from India however we are flexible and sustained enough to provide onsite services to meet the respective need. Gunaatita employs modern management methodologies while incorporating the built of software which ensures we provide an array of choice for a variety of high quality products and services which are relevant to our customers as per their industry structure and standard and use the most appropriate technology and expert practices.

Web Development

How we Do

Team Gunaatita are forward think-tanks who constantly innovate, improve and provide value added services while simplifying and creating integrated software solutions to leverage our customers and enhance their business processes efficiently. Our Software design and development practices caters to variety of Industrial sectors, likes of Banking & Financial, Insurance & Healthcare Industry, Mobile & Telecommunication, Aviation & Airlines, Oil & Petroleum and market segments likes of Accounting, Brokerage, Venture Capital, ERP, CRM , CMS software, HR, Payroll & SaaS solution offerings. We abide by the local and international legislative compliance and ensure government regulations are strictly followed. Industrial benchmark and standards for the software are effectively met and monitored in order to streamline the various zig zags of software development life cycle.

Why Gunaatita

Gunaatita stands as the great amalgamation of competence, skill, environment, methods and technology. The proven track record of pushing the boundaries and creating custom systems, which efficiently tackles the challenges of businesses due to unavoidable changing nature of people, processes, perspective and policies and completely enhances the business overlook. Gain the total peace of mind, knowing that your software and web are being created using agile methodologies with a protective trust touch which no one can provide to the level other than Gunaatita.

Customer – Centric Growth strategy

Gunaatita proactively analyses the business & product portfolio, identifies the technological gaps, does the cost and benefits analysis of developing the system, while getting aligned with the customer business strategy and implements the plan to successfully co-exist in the mutual growth. We firmly believe in the sustained growth of our business partners and to achieve that we remain on our toes to build better software, use better technology and manage the various processes involved in the most cost effective way. We are accessible, responsive, empathetic, cohesive, and nimble and to top that we are expert professionals to whom you can always rely upon in any business proposition. To demonstrate the customer centric approach of ours, we have in place the aligned system, processes and expert personnel to deliver products and services to our clients and customers in the most agile way.

Buiness Strategy

Gunaatita Business Strategy

  • Strong Business Analytics Skills determining detailed elaboration of our customer’s business ideas for the best-suited implementation solutions.
  • Agile Methodologies factoring lesser time to market figures and modern approach to software development, essentially significant to win the competitive digital marketplace.
  • Tailor-Made Collaboration Approach offering best practices of uniquely engaging with the client, to operationalize the best and compact system.
  • End-to-End Services comprising ingenious software design, business analysis supported by prototyping and data visualization, QA and testing services, self-development, hosting, support and maintenance – we have got it all enveloped for you.
  • Solution Impact Assessment activities to attune sustainability into the current process and related value chain, further determines whether incorporated measures are successful and to what length, and an additional adjective to describe the business case by calculating economic viability and various other reliable system of performance indicators.
  • Maintenance & Support involving the top post project engagement methodologies to enhance the current, uplift the future and provide supportive base to overall outlook.

Innovation, Engineering and Management

Innovation is the wheel on which we roll to excel, it’s our lifeline and method to breathe. We constantly unlock the complexity and go out of bound to create software which would transform the way businesses are perceived. The empathy behind the innovation is to help the businesses grow and we participate in a better world of interaction, communication and development.

Gunaatita is a team of super value professionals providing a vast range of complex software and performing web application development activities. Our expert, agile and experienced professionals who are working in all modern technologies & areas of custom development. We are set of Project managers, solution architects, team lead, developer, designers and usability experts who are well cognizant of client requirements. Our developers are skilled and adept with Object Oriented Programming and ensures high coding standards, with professional documentation and maintainability services.

Our management’s mission is to deliver maximum business attribute to its clients by developing, designing, implementing and maintaining efficient, productive and premium software solutions aligned with their most crucial business needs. Our integrity and value encircles client satisfaction, ongoing exercise to foster the development of healthy and efficient business environments, social and business obligations as well as the practice of using industry’s best methods to unveil the potential of our employees, remove communication hurdles, create trust base and increase operational performance many fold.