Enterprise Solutions

We offer to deliver end-to-end global enterprise solutions that combines package evaluation, selection, and implementation with featured upgrades to assist performance enhancing solutions in different domains and segments like human resources, accounts, supply chain, financial management, Billing System and customer relationship management.

At Gunaatita, we are equipped to manage your enterprise applications and facilitates to help you gain access to our world class global management practices, round the clock contact support services and a globally standardized knowledge base. The aftermath product is a reliable system that supports repeatable process for organizing, planning, transforming and delivering superlative managed services throughout the enterprise boundary.

Enterprise Solutions are delivered after having carefully understood business needs and specifications. The solutions are aimed at delivering real business value to help companies put together a business that drives performance and maximizes profit.

Our true to the endEnterprise Solutions practices, fathoms highly skilled resources across industries and applications, so that we are geared to deliver smart and innovative enterprise systems.

Our engineered solutions are modelled to achieve specific enterprise demands in various domains systems and application software and development and integration. Our team of skilled and highly experienced developers are behind some of the finest and technologically superior enterprise applications we have developed and delivered until now.

Some highlights of our enterprise application development characteristics:

  • Security :To ensure information is not being stolen or snooped by those we don't want to have access to it.
  • Scalability :Competent to accommodate an increase in clients and scalable features.
  • Cost :Should be easy to program.
  • Management :Accelerated ability to manage the implementation including version control software that helps manage team effort with regard to customized solution.
  • Portable :Should be able to apprehend changes in technology.
  • Application Migration & Re-engineering :Addresses customer requirements to leverage existing technology platforms, frameworks, and software products.
  • Architectural design :An enabler for communication between various stakeholders due to participate in the development of a solution.
  • Enterprise application integration :Methodology to link the use of technology and services across an enterprise to build an integrated software applications and hardware systems environment.

Enterprise Solutions

Offering Variety of Solutions:

  • Web and Mobile Enabling
  • Supply chain
  • Financial management
  • Accounting management
  • Billing system
  • Performance measure management
  • Travel solution
  • Customer relationship management
  • Software Testing
  • Custom Application Development

With our custom enterprise software our clients are able to bring down cost incurred significantly while maintaining legacy systems. We help improve existing applications and enhance them further in lieu of growing market demands. Our skilled team of developers and programmers are apt at transition management and also in supporting business critical systems, for companies as diverse as start-ups to Fortune 500.

Our team of developers blend mature processes with best-in-class expertise to develop applications that raise the acumen bar of businesses and optimize costs involved in development.

Our leveraged enterprise solution support helps:

  • Cut down on capital expenditure by not having to invest anything in fixed infrastructure.
  • Save a lot on personnel, training and operating costs. They get to redirect their internal resources to focus more on their core businesses and projects that hold a lot of relevance.
  • Let go of important day to day process issues and get to focus more on strategic thinking, innovation and process reengineering.
  • Not be affected by rapid technological changes and maintain same infrastructure.
  • Have access to dedicated consultation and project management skills and deal firmly with problems arising due to staffing.
  • Increase speed and service availability in order to maintain happy clients.
  • Strengthen efficiency via functional consolidation and centralization which helps reduce managerial burden and at the same time maintain a strong strategic control over decision making.