Machine Learning

Machine learning is an ambiguous term used to mark wide capabilities such as face recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, predictive analytics and specific techniques such as deep learning (deep neural networks).

At Gunaatita we implement machine learning methods to analyze data and subsequently automate analytical model building while leveraging the power of its statistical computing techniques and various cloud based services in order to help our clients find out hidden insights and patterns.

Machine learning

Our services in this functional area are based on our ability to apply complex mathematical calculations to big data over and again at a fast pace. We excel at this through an amalgam of methods such as predictive analysis and cover cognitive systems and in the process go beyond Big Data Analytics. By doing this, we help our clients discover patterns and trends from huge datasets enabling them to automate analysis, learn from business related interactions and deliver evidence based responses.

Through our services, our clients are empowered with the capability to deliver personalized products and services and also increase the efficacy as well as lower the costs of existing ones. Our initiatives in this specialties are not merely strategic but are directed to get the best out of our clients’ business strategies.

At Gunaatita, our team of highly qualified and experienced Machine Learning Experts, comprises programmers, statisticians and mathematicians thoroughly familiar with all the latest statistical and computational methods. Our clients trust us to implement Machine Learning Algorithms smartly in order to help get a deep understanding of the complex data and apply the gained confidence in business decision making.

The benefits that come when machine learning services are extended:

  • A deep and comprehensive understanding of the way the algorithm works. Our clients get to understand the mathematical description of the method and how it relates to vectors and matrices of numbers that the code operates on. Besides, one also gets to understand how all the parameters work, the effects they have and how they can be further improvised on and used for specific problems.
  • Addition of Advanced Extensions and the ability to exactly calculate the space and time complexity of one’s own code through an off-the-shelf opaque library.
  • More Confidence with the method and the conviction to use it better as a system, the belief that it is an indispensable part of one’s toolbox.

We extend our IT consulting and support services to our client while enabling machine learning techniques at their behest in the following areas:

  • Fraud Detection
  • New Pricing Models
  • Email Spam Filtering
  • Web Search Results
  • Financial Analytics
  • Text-based Sentiment Analysis
  • Credit Scoring and Next-Best Offers
  • Predicting Equipment Malfunction