cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has emerged as one of the most popular and convenient technology practices in recent times with businesses all over the world striving to benefit most from the power of cloud.

It is a process to enable scalable and expandable software through the internet on which the software gets delivered as a service. Businesses these days prefer to have their software saved and stored on cloud as this helps save a lot of space and cloud as a platform is also safe and accessible 24*7.

Natural Evolution of the Web

Cloud Computing comes in various avatars and the one which suits an organization best can be opted for :

  • Web-based:In this type of cloud service, organizations get to make best use of all the functionalities available through web services and do not have to hire a web development company to have a complete application developed.
  • Infrastructure as a Service: In this type of cloud service, companies get to make the most out of the unlimited storage potential offered by the cloud infrastructure. They can expand and shrink storage space without having to fret over having dedicated servers.
  • Software as a Service: This allows companies to access certain functionalities of the software without having to worry about storage issues.
  • Platform as a Service: Organizations get to run their applications smoothly without having to worry about maintaining hard drives and servers.
  • Utility Services: These services are for those organizations that need to store a large amount of data remotely.

Gunaatita offers cloud services to clients through its customized cloud platform catering to their storage and hosting needs with ease and conviction. Our cloud services entail online provisioning, management and pay as-you-use to ensure billing happens only when the service gets used.

The benefits clients get by availing Gunaatita’s cloud services are many:

  • The cloud services allow clients to self-provision servers along with other things such as network, storage infrastructure real-time from anywhere and access to resources through a secure connection.
  • The cloud platform ensures instant deployment of new servers without having to incur any kind of expenditure on software & hardware.
  • Clients get to have a multi-tenant environment to work in.
  • Organizations get instant scalability and get to have the same network and topology as others.
  • They get the benefit to pay when they use.
  • They get access to elastic services, from scalable servers to real-time storage facilities
  • They get industry leading Service Level Agreements backed by service credits.
Best Cloud Services

The state of the art cloud services at Gunaatita ensure businesses have their applications and software hosted in a secure environment which they have access to at any given point in time. Organizations get to store data and get on with work with a sense of assurance.