Business Transformation

How can we transform your business?

Business transformation is the new normal in the times of changing organizational structure, tipping point in globalization, significant shift in economies, energy, technologies and the regulatory threats. We understand that entities are more than ever constantly in need of a strategic change to address changing customer preferences, consolidate market standings, and the expansion mission into new geographical horizon and market segments.

IT and operational innovation is the foremost method to tackle this challenge of solving complex business problem pressed in need of a transformation. We at Gunaatita help companies globally in transforming their business, even at the 11th hour of request and able to produce a strategic up work. We constantly look for routes in new technologies, do design thinking and perform both subjective and objective research related to the prime business areas of companies and the work at hand.

We help you leverage your core business expertise and transform your business as you develop new competent models built around business processes, technology and human resource.

  • Streamline business processes.
  • Digital-first & DevOps approach.
  • Resilient and scalable functional system.
  • Simplifying customer interaction and substantially improving user experience.
  • Functional area transformation – Finance, Insurance, Supply Chain, Human Capital management, Web and Mobile presence, Scalable & High Traffic E-commerce, Complex custom systems in various domains.

Business transformation requires innovation and innovation is the result of - Sprouting technologies for a better world.

At Gunaatita – Trust & Technology are transformation twins and we make it possible with our IT consulting services and solution in the following areas.

  • Finance and Accounting System: The system supports top financial management function in meeting and predicting business challenges, achieving better operating margin, delivering revenue growth, improving upon shareholder worth and asset efficiency.
  • Supply Chain System: Alignment of supply chain needs with the business strategy to achieve calculated short term goals and long term business improvements across the value chain.
  • Billing System: The customized system to ease out the complex billing processes end to end or strategic upgradation with emphasis on scaling the existing system in terms of efficiency, accuracy and various types of integrated features.
  • Customer Relationship management: The system which offers CRM capabilities ranging from sales management, contact centre strategy, consolidation, optimization, marketing automation and customer support strategy.
  • Enterprise Performance management: Integrated, automated and low cost exhaustive solution suite with a goal to use the data clout to plan, monitor, report, analyse, manage and improve corporate and business performance.
  • Web & Mobile enablement: The web and mobile solutions as a roadmap for a digital transformation is what modern businesses big or small need and we leverage their current capabilities into significantly more engaging customer and profit oriented solutions.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics: We help our clients with insights to improve the whole decision making process with our expertise in business analytics and intelligence solutions and implementations. We rely on robust global delivery model and strong partnership models with our decade strong industry knowledge, technical capability, execution prowess and operational excellence.
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