Financial Analytics - Custom Microsoft BI Solution

Customer :Our client was a financial services company offering a wide variety of products and services including various lending products such as home equity loans, insurance, securities and investment products.

The Business problem:After having done strong investment in Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint and SQL Server, the client wanted to continue using these tools for document management and workflow while implementing a powerful business analytics solution. The traditional portal that the client was using was old and had no integration with SharePoint. Financial advisors while using that old platform had to locate reports in this separate system, which was often slow, and they had to contact IT support frequently to resolve issues in order to get requisite reports. The customer required more efficient and interactive reporting system.

The Solution:Gunaatita finalized a highly customized implementation that integrated a popular Business Analytics solution with SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. The client’s user interface requirements were to retain the existing look and feel, while creating an enterprise portal powered by Microsoft BI “behind the scenes”. Gunaatita expertise with the Microsoft BI Software Development Kit allowed it to achieve this level of integration between the BI tool and Microsoft technology stacks. We drove the architecture and solutions while remaining agile, as business requirements were continually being revised.

The Gunaatita Edge:With the help of this customized system, financial advisors now have direct access to all of their reports in an integrated environment. Now it was no longer required to go to different systems to fetch reports, and the advisors were able to present accurate reports to their clients instantly and in-person, taking the customer satisfaction to a different level altogether. The reporting environment became more stable, and financial advisors now had a high level of trust in the data. The new portal being used as a recruiting tool for financial advisors, and we continue to provide support for change management requests as the customer’s business changes and grows.

We Implement following

  • Seamlessly integrated multiple systems into a single user interface.
  • Provided the groundwork for better customer service.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Saved users valuable time with single sign-on.
  • Improved ability to recruit top-notch financial advisors.

Technologies Used

  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server 2012
  • .Net technology
  • Microsoft BI solution
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