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Comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to meet individual, organizational, and operational requirements.

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Software Solution

InsurTech Solutions Provider

We develop intelligent software solutions for the insurance industry to streamline and simplify operations.

For nearly a decade, Gunaatita has been a key player in the insurance software development market, creating customized solutions for industry innovators.

As a reliable developer of tailored solutions, we help insurance companies upgrade legacy systems and develop custom platforms and applications that address the changing technology landscape of the marketplace.

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Our InsurTech Offerings

Software Development

Insurance Administration Systems

Insurance administration systems are crucial for insurers looking to streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve customer service. By automating administrative tasks, insurers can focus on providing better coverage to their policyholders while lowering costs and improving efficiency.

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Enterprise Solutions

Underwriting Software

Underwriting software is a critical tool for insurers looking to manage risk more effectively. By automating the underwriting process and using data analytics, insurers can make better decisions about coverage, pricing, and underwriting rules. This can ultimately lead to improved outcomes for policyholders and insurers alike.

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Software Development

Claims Processing Solutions

Claims processing solutions are a critical component of the insurance industry, enabling insurers to manage claims more efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively. By providing tools for claims intake, evaluation, payment processing, tracking and reporting, and communication and collaboration, claims processing software can help insurers improve their claims processing operations and provide better service to their policyholders.

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Web solution

Insurance Analytics and Reporting Platforms

Insurance analytics and reporting platforms can provide tools for collaboration and decision-making. This can include workflow management tools, enabling insurers to assign tasks and track progress, as well as communication tools, enabling team members to collaborate more effectively.

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Apache Solr

Insurance Operations Management Software

Insurance operations management software is an essential tool for insurance companies looking to improve their operations and provide better service to their customers. By automating processes and providing real-time insights into their performance, insurance companies can achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

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Custom CRM development

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Insurance

CRM for insurance is an essential tool for insurers looking to improve their customer service and increase their revenue. By managing customer interactions more effectively and developing targeted marketing campaigns, insurers can build stronger relationships with their customers and prospects, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

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Cloud Computing

Actuarial Analysis Tools

Actuarial analysis tools are specialized software solutions that help actuaries and other insurance professionals analyze and model risk. These tools are essential in the insurance industry, as they help insurers determine the risks associated with underwriting policies and develop pricing strategies that are both profitable and competitive.

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BI and Analytics

Risk Management Technology

Risk management technology is a specialized software solution that helps businesses identify, assess, and manage risks across their operations. This technology is critical in today s rapidly changing business environment, as it allows organizations to anticipate and mitigate potential risks before they become major problems.

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Mobile Application

Policy Management Software

Policy management software is a specialized tool that helps organizations manage policies and procedures across their operations. This software is designed to streamline policy creation, approval, and distribution processes, making it easier for organizations to ensure that policies are up-to-date and compliant with regulations.

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Maintenance & Support

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

Comprehensive insurance solutions are a suite of specialized software tools designed to support all aspects of insurance operations. These solutions can include policy management, claims management, customer relationship management, underwriting, and risk management, among others.

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We work with enterprises, startups, individuals, and agencies. Our principal objective is to deliver the best Software , Mobile and Web development services to our clients from different verticals including, Insurance, Healthcare, AR, VR, IOT, and E-commerce.

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Business with Our Expertise

Revolutionize Your Business with Our Expertise

We don t believe in change, we believe in transformation. Your business entities require a constant evolution for the expansion of your ideas and strategic planning and consolidate market standings.

Software solutions process

Explore Concepts

We craft brand identities through thorough exploration, utilizing extensive research to question assumptions at every step.

User Experience Design

At the heart of our design philosophy is simplicity. We revel in the satisfaction of producing something distinctive yet intuitive for the end user.

Construction Methodology

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to construct solutions with expertise and speed, delivering adaptable and scalable business-focused results.

Thorough Testing

Software testing involves assessing the performance of an application against predefined requirements, detecting any faults or errors, and guaranteeing a defect-free product that meets high-quality standards.

On-time Delivery

We adopt an iterative methodology to our work and our process, constantly seeking opportunities to enhance our performance and refine our craft.

Client Says

Clayton Combs
Clayton Combs (CIO Rising Tide Specialty) North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Gunaatita team is expertise in custom software development. They provide comprehensive transparency to their clients so that they have complete access and ownership of all work-in-progress. They always delivered project on time. Thanks to Gunaatita!.
Randy Melton
Randy Melton (Yada Systems) St. Joseph, Michigan
This company is awesome! They do excellent work! Very responsive and of the highest quality. I will definitely use for any future projects and will recommend Gunaatita to everyone.
David W. Stevens
David W. Stevens (Wugga Studios LLC ) Park Forest Avenue, Pennsylvania
Gunaatita did a very good job on our project. They swiftly delivered and showcased great technical knowledge in DotNet Angular, React. Well done!
Bernard Lawson
Bernard Lawson (President - Lawson Brown LLC) San Antonio ,Texas
This company is awesome! They do excellent work! Very responsive and of the highest quality. I will definitely use for any future projects and will recommend Gunaatita to everyone.
Eddie Hu
Eddie Hu (JDi Data Corporation) Fort Lauderdale, Florida
During this project, I had a wonderful experience with Gunaatita. In short, they are very knowledgeable technically, completed the project on time and in budget. The communication with Gunaatita is clear and detail oriented and they provide answers on all technical questions. Job well done!
Kfir Vanunu
Kfir Vanunu (WebDNA ) Herzliya, Israel
They did a great job. Thanks Gunaatita! I would recommend them on any web development project requiring expert know-how in DotNet and all .Net & Java related technology.