Custom CRM development

The expert team at Gunaatita working on the CRM tool helps your business to smoothen and boost up sales management, customer contacts management, workflow management, marketing processes, and productivity. Our team not only generates information about the clients or customers but also helps the research and development department of your company that helps in promoting your business and initiating changes as per the trends. CRM is also about a ready source to generate information about the changing trends. We offer complete CRM solution, from consulting and software development to the rear office support. We put forward the best development techniques to convert the client's needs into a successful solution.

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Our efficient CRM development

  • Connect closely to your customers

    You can maintain the integrity of the customer interaction for the proper conflict resolution through our Multichannel design & dynamic case management system that helps you to join broken conversation threads and records. Our process management system also connects people those who resolve customer queries.

  • Anticipate customer needs

    To understand the customers' context and prepare your business in advance for their future needs, we support and provide personalized service. We offer solutions that help in the predictive analysis by boosting the power of decision making and declarative rules.

  • We help you to deal with Complexity

    From orchestrating prescriptive and controlled processes to managing very dynamic and ad hoc knowledge work, we support a wide range of business behaviors. We design a robust architecture of the system that empowers the re-use and specialization of policies and procedures.

  • Deliver long-term value

    Our customized CRM allows the sales and technology teams to work together even in changing circumstances adapting the change in the most organized way.

Benefits of custom CRM developed by Gunaatita

  • Better customer information organizing

    All your customer interaction is saved and documented well managed and secure.

  • Improved Lead Management

    As customer contacts, preferences, past purchases, and other details pop up on representative’s screen, it gets more comfortable for you to manage leads.

  • Increased Productivity

    To ease the customer interaction, customer care, sales, and marketing employees are provided with each information about customers.

  • Automated Sales Process

    The hectic tasks performed by your team gets automated like filling out forms, raising legal issues, and report generation.

  • Analysis and Reports

    Various tools and plugins of CRM allow businesses to inspect sales, customer interactions, conversions, and more at one glance.

  • Data Security

    Centralized CRM system allows only authorized persons to access customer data and trade details.


The team at Gunaatita has deep CRM integration experience with the leading CRM tools. We have helped businesses smoothen the direct marketing, database management, and customer information management through the successful implementation of CRM. Our well-versed team of professional QA-engineers, business analysts, and project managers builds active, customized CRM systems on time and our business analysts studies all peculiarities of your business and provide a compelling roadmap for CRM integration and upgrade. Our services are also customizable and ensure our clients have to incur no extra costs.

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