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Gunaatita design and develop custom applications and software solutions. We are a leading website software development company in India with a team that innovates, improves and provides value-added services to our business partners. With 10 + years of experience, we have developed software solutions for enterprises across the world. Our team of smart business analyst ensures that the custom solution we are about to build fully meets your goals that work on functional and user experience requirements and priorities. As a software design, development and consultancy we help our clients operate the technical complexity to solve their business problem and grow with the emerging ideas.

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Our Development Approach

Our ability to develop software on multiple technologies renders to us the advantage to work with organizations from diverse industries. Our team’s expertise on multiple platforms positions us as strong contenders capable of undertaking challenging projects in software development that demand intricate attention to detail and flawless execution.

  • Agile Methodology

    Adopting Agile method to achieve the fast and accurate development of software and web services.

  • DevOps

    We follow DevOps (development and operations) to maintain agile relationship between development and IT operations.

  • Custom methods

    We are Expert in Custom Software development, It depends on the business model and need. We develop From scratch to an awesome build.

Our product engineering

A mobile app is not just a service it’s our daily lives. In this era of mobile applications from travel to food, banking till insurance, communication to connecting to new people, every person is dependent on mobile apps.


Research & Innovation

We understand your vision and expectations that help you to meet your primary business goals by answering technical and complex questions and bringing up a solution for all kinds of intrications. We have expertise in:

  • Technical Feasibility
  • User Requirement
  • Budgetary Dynamics
  • Solution Mapping

Planning and Development

Once our architecture is ready, we move to the planning and development part by setting up Dev-ops and backlogs and Test framework. We:

  • Evaluate
  • Design
  • Program
  • Test
  • Production Deploy

Maintenance & support

We deliver and deploy the product and maintain it further to evolve. Our team will further take care of:

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Marketing Plan Execution
  • Evolution – Future Version Planning
  • Evolution–Future Version Planning

Benefits of choosing Gunaatita for Software Development

We are expert in ASP.Net, C#, Java, Angular.js and Node.js framework. Our Expertise in Java covers Java, J2EE, Apache Tomcat, JSON, XML, Hibernate and Spring etc. We also Work on the data services platform which includes Big Data, Hadoop, Spark and many other data services tools. We are equally capable in open source technology like PHP as well to create a variety of applications, all developed with the finest that software has to offer in terms of code and architecture. We master databases such as Windows SQL Server 2012/2008/2005 and MS-Access, SQL Azure, Mongo DB, MySQL and Postgres. We use these to host a variety of heavy duty software applications and have a dedicated team to manage them 24x7 accounting for optimum surveillance. Our teams practice agile methodologies to build software solutions likes Cloud-based products / SaaS products, Enterprise solutions, E-commerce products, Custom CMS products, Web sites (Responsive), Open Source Web Development, Insurance solutions, and Integration. With over 10 + years of experience, we have helped enterprises to see tremendous growth in their businesses

Some of the most liked development features are listed below.

  • Agile Practices

    The deliverables are predicted accurately and delivered through strong, agile practices. With the agile practices we position ourselves as strong contenders capable of undertaking challenging projects in software development that demand intricate attention to detail and flawless execution.

  • Ensure Quality

    The expert team that spans the entire software life-cycle from architecture to design, development to integration and quality assurance to testing. We leverage all the technologies we work on, that makes sure of that smooth and perfect quality of our deliverable.

  • Re-usability

    Fast-tracked development through reusable frameworks, tools and methods and ready-to-integrate code. Over the years, we have overseen the successful completion and execution of dozens of web applications, websites and e-commerce sites with reusability.

  • Security

    Paramount Security for Data and Information to protect clients from malicious practices such as cross-site scripting. Our team experts adopt solutions that help work faster, minimize risk also make sure that all the data is highly secured.

  • Scalability

    Unified back-end integration which includes ensuring your back-end’s speed, scalability, and interoperability. We have worked on highly complicated projects that have tested our abilities to the hilt, at the same time bringing the best out of us in terms of knowledge, skill and application.

  • Cross-platform Methodology

    An experienced partner with proven capabilities and a thorough understanding of various platforms across cloud, web, mobile, and enterprise. We have demonstrated our skills on some highly successful projects that have helped our clients to get tremendous business growth.

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