Gunaatita during the COVID-19 crisis

Gunaatita response during the COVID-19 crisis

Gunaatita is committed for ensuring employee safety and business continuity with resilience, determination and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 – Coronavirus has put the world in the state to test how we can fight it together. In these critical conditions, many efforts are being made by government bodies and private institution to control these situations and make things easy for people.

We realize at this time of crisis how important our customers. Our priority remains keeping Gunaatita innovative team to be safe and healthy while continuously maintaining high level of service to our clients. We are taking series of steps to mitigate the risk to client deliverables. We are taking all necessary measures in accordance with the guideline from public health authorities and the government.

  • We are closely monitoring global events, WHO guidelines and local health bulletins for health and safety, including restricting employee travel and canceling or postponing events that involve large groups.

  • Being a software development company, we have designed our structure/infrastructure to ensure that our services remain available to our customers during such unexpected events, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Business Continuity Plan ensures our customers that we have open channels for communications with our customers, stakeholders and employees.

  • Gunaatita has always supported flexible workplace. We encourage all our employees to work from home considering recent events and they are taking all necessary steps to serve our customers the way we have been doing all this while.

  • We are taking multiple measure in our capacity to minimize the impact of the outbreak on business outcomes. We are evaluating every possible area of potential vulnerability from COVID-19.

  • We have been in constant communication with our clients to apprise them of the measures we have undertaken.

We are ensuring the balance of customer and business demands on one hand, and employee safety and wellbeing on the other.

As we navigate through unique times like these, it is important to understand that in every crisis there are new opportunities. We need to steer through this with resilience, determination, and compassion.

Remote Working

We are working from home continuously for our Clients.

Work from home
Working Communication

Working Communication

We are connecting to each other through video conferencing.