Core Services of Salesforce Community Cloud

Craft personalized and highly adaptable consumer, partner, and employee experiences using Experience Cloud. Learn the art of deploying and effectively managing them on an Experience Cloud.

Salesforce Community Cloud - Crafting Salesforce Community Solutions

  • Creating and Deploying Salesforce Community Solutions

    We optimize the inherent functionalities of Salesforce Community Cloud and design unique features, applications, and business workflows. Our solutions are purpose-built for mobile efficiency and seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Lightning.

  • Knowledge and User Repository Administration

    Our experienced team seamlessly integrates with external databases, orchestrates the smooth migration of knowledge bases into SFDC, and proficiently administers role-based access control, alongside the implementation of robust login security protocols.

  • Consulting for Salesforce Community Strategies

    We help you formulate an effective strategy for maximizing Salesforce Cloud utilization. Our services include defining community objectives, refining feature selections, and outlining future community roadmaps.

  • Integration of External Software Solutions

    At Gunaatita, we establish seamless connections between the Community solution and external third-party services and data sources.

  • Project and Activity Oversight

    Community Cloud plays a pivotal role in enhancing project and task management. As a central hub, it fosters effortless communication and collaboration within your team, delivering project managers a dependable tool to improve coordination, reduce miscommunication, and boost workflow productivity.

  • Content Administration and Compliance

    Community Cloud empowers you to create and oversee a wide range of business content for effective communication with your stakeholders. It enables the customization of content for partners, customers, and employees, tailored to their specific needs, ensuring timely delivery and seamless integration of these essential business communications.