Salesforce's Nonprofit Solutions

Enhance program efficiency through automation. Leverage data intelligence to drive revenue growth. Understand and grow your community with real-time data insights.

Salesforce's Nonprofit Cloud Offerings

  • Donor and Grant Management

    Efficiently manage donor relationships, grants, and contributions in one unified platform. Gain insights into your supporters and their giving patterns.

  • Program Management

    Automate program delivery, track impact, and demonstrate outcomes effectively. Simplify program administration, so you can focus on what matters most.

  • Engagement and Community Building

    Connect with your community on a deeper level. Understand your constituents better through real-time data insights and foster meaningful engagement.

  • Data Intelligence

    Leverage data-driven insights to drive fundraising strategies and measure impact. Make informed decisions that lead to increased revenue and growth.

  • Automation

    Streamline repetitive tasks and free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives. Automate processes to enhance productivity and reduce administrative burdens.

  • Nonprofit Cloud Quality Assurance

    With a squad of QA and testing professionals, we execute extensive quality evaluations and systematically test the deployed system. We ensure that customizations, integrations, and applications function as intended to achieve the desired outcomes. Proficient in functional, manual, and automated testing, we excel in identifying disparities in project objectives early in the process, allowing for timely issue resolution.