Apache Solr is a popular open source search platform built upon Lucene, a highly successful Java library. It is one of the most popular search platforms for websites because of its ability to index and search for multiple websites and promptly return recommendations for related content, based on the taxonomy of the search query. Because of this feature, Solr is equally famous for enterprise searches as well. Apache Solr combines with Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Extensible Markup Language (XML) to offer application program interfaces (APIs) for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Ruby and Python. Apache Solr Designed for Scalability and Fault Tolerance, Solr runs as a standalone full-text search server that uses the Lucene Java Search Library for full-text indexing and search. It has JSON APIs and Rest like HTTP/XML which makes it highly usable from some of the most popular programming languages. Solr external configuration and plugin architecture ensures, it can be tailored to suit various kinds of applications without any Java Code.

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Search Technology

As revealed by the Apache Lucene Project, Solr offers to organizations several capabilities responsible for its unprecedented popularity within the “SEARCH TECHNOLOGY” domain which the services listed below

  • Automated Index Replication
  • Indexing in Near Real-Time
  • Indexing Multiple Searches
  • Server Statistics Logging
  • Automated Failover and Recovery
  • Rich Document Parsing
  • User-Extensible Caching
  • High-Volume Traffic Designing
  • Advanced Full-Text Searching
  • Load-balanced Querying
  • Geospatial Searching including Polygons
  • Schema-less Mode and Schema REST API
  • Extensible through Plugins
  • jQuery, Filter and Document Caching
  • Field Collapsing and Grouping
  • Auto-Suggesting and Streaming
  • Search Result Clustering based on Carrot2
  • Replication to different Solr Servers
  • HTML Administration Interface
  • Full-Text Search and Hit-Highlighting
  • Faceted Search and Dynamic Clustering
  • Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities, which include phrases, wildcards, joins, groupings and much more across data types.

  • Tools that help make Application Building easy.

  • Solr Ships with comprehensive and highly responsive administration interfaces, which make it easy to control Solr instances.

  • Access to Metric Data via JMX that help get deeper insights into instances

  • Near Real-Time Indexing that helps adapt to needs fast at the same time simplifying configuration

  • An Extensible Plugin Architecture that makes it easy to plug-in both index and query time plugins.

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